DIY Jack Skellington Centerpieces

img_2797My niece is totally in love with the Nightmare Before Christmas. But then again, who isn’t?

We decided to have a small get together for her birthday so of course I had to decorate! Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find Nightmare Before Christmas things on short notice and in stores in February. Thank goodness for DIY!

Here are easy and cheap Jack Skellington centerpieces with a girly twist!

Materials you will need:

Glass vase- I found these round ones at Dollar Tree.

Glitter foam sheets

Battery operated string lights

Faux Flowers

Hot glue gun


img_2785I started out by looking at a picture of Jack Skellington’s face and sketching his face out on the foam sheet (the side without glitter). Carefully cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth with scissors.


Hot glue the pieces to the vase..


Now just add the lights and throw some flowers in the vase and voila! Super cute and easy centerpieces!

Make sure to share yours with me and tag me on instagram! (@sparkleese)

Thank you for reading!

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