DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

There’s one thing I love just as much as love itself, and that’s Valentine’s Day.

Spending time with the ones you love and showering them with gifts and affection is seriously amazing, but it can be better. How? Is probably what you’re asking.. And the answer is simple! It’s decorating on a budget! We all love things to look pretty without spending a lot of money. So here are three cheap and easy Valentine’s Day decorations that are perfect for your home or workplace!

Here is a really easy and pretty garland! Garland seriously makes everything look better. I was going to buy one already made for $6, but I realized I could make it for only $3 instead! Plus, it’s way more fun and you can personalize yours when you make it.

img_2880Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glitter foam hearts $1
  • Foam heart stickers $1
  • Jute Cord (I used 3 yards) $1
  • Tape $1

So first you want to make your glitter hearts look prettier by sticking the foam heart stickers on them in any pattern you want.


I decorated nine hearts. After they’re all decorated, tape the back of the hearts to the cord about five inches apart.

img_2884Use thumb tacks or tape to secure the garland to the wall.


This next Valentine’s Day DIY is for those of you who are like me and still haven’t taken down all your Christmas decorations yet. Haha!

These are Valentine’s Day ornaments made with the same foam hearts that I used for the garland.

img_2898Using a thread and needle, poke a hole at the top of the heart and tie a knot at the end so you can hang them on the branches of the Christmas garland.


The final Valentine’s Day DIY I have for you all today is the Mason Jar Flower Hearts.

img_2912The supplies you’ll need are:

  • Mason jar $1
  • Iridescent paper shreds $1
  • Heart picks $1
  • Ribbon $2

Simply stuff the iridescent shreds into the mason jar and only put the outer part of the lid on so there’s an opening  at the top of the jar. Stick the heart picks inside then tie it off with a bow!

I hope you enjoyed these easy and cheap Valentine’s Day DIYs!  Thanks for checking out my blog! Feedback is always appreciated and I’d love to see your DIYs as well!

Lots of Love,


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