Saving Money: Groceries & Household

Saving money is a very popular New Years resolution that many people make. It makes sense because saving money is so important! I know I like to save money, especially if it means that I don’t have to cut out things that can be on the more expensive side.


Price Matching: A few stores offer price matching which means that they give you the price of another store if their price is lower than theirs. You simply tell the cashier the cheaper price (or show them the advertisement depending on what their policies are) and the cashier can change the price for you. Great, right? Walmart does this and it’s so convenient! You can get all the sale prices at one store! I think that all Walmart’s have different policies regarding price matching, but you can always ask them if and what exactly they price match.

At my local Walmart, we can price match anything as long as we sell it the same way. Apples for apples. They also do not price “Buy one get one free” ads unless a price is stated, etc.. I’ve really saved a lot of money and time price matching.

Since we’re talking about Walmart (and no this is not sponsored lol), they have something called Savings Catcher. You download the Walmart app, create an account, and every time you shop there you scan the barcode (or enter the transaction number), and it will give you the difference of what you paid for your groceries if they are cheaper at another store. You add up all “money” you’ve been saving and when you want to use it, you can redeem it and you’ll be sent an electronic Walmart gift card to your email. It’s basically price matching for you! Sometimes you’ll only receive a few cents, but hey, every penny counts! Last year I got about $60 back and that was after price matching in the store, too!

Coupons: Coupons are wonderful! They are delivered in the mail, you can print some out from websites ( is awesome!), and you can reach out to companies and they sometimes will send you some! Also, the Sunday Paper has a lot of coupons and you can buy the Sunday paper at Dollar Tree for only $1!

Price matching, Savings Catcher and coupons equal a lot of savings!


Warehouse Club Stores: Stores like Costco and Sam’s Club are great for buying things in bulk and buying in bulk could save you so much money and trips to the store. You have to pay to have a membership for these clubs, but the basic membership is around $50 a year and you can have two people per membership.

Since my household only has two people, we try not to buy food that can go bad fast. We usually buy paper good and freezer food. I bought a box of trash bags at Costco for about $10 or $15 and I’ve had it for over a year and I still have a lot of bags left! The same with Dawn Platinum dish soap. It was $9 and a year later, it’s a little less than half way full.

I have more money saving posts coming up!

I hope this post will help you save money while grocery shopping! Thanks for reading!

Lots of love, Lisa 💛

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