Beauty and the Beast Review


I really loved my childhood and movies were a huge part of my childhood. I remember hanging out in the living room in my pajamas all day with my sisters watching movies that we would rent at Hastings (RIP) or ones that my Auntie and Uncle Dan would buy us at Costco. Disney movies were definitely some of our favorite movies! My all time favorite Disney movie was and probably always will be Beauty and the Beast. So you can only imagine the excitement I was feeling when I heard that a live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast was going to be released. I always enjoy when great films are remade and although the remakes may not always be as great as the originals, it is so exciting to see another perspective of the particular story.

I was not able to see Beauty and the Beast on the night it was first released in theatres, so I had heard so many mixed reviews and opinions on it. Lawrence and I made a date night out of it because we rarely go to the movie theatre. We are usually Netflix kind of people. I felt like a little kid as we walked into theatre to find our seats in the darkened room with popcorn in one hand, candy in the other, and a huge smile on my face.

I couldn’t help but compare the movie to the original the whole time and I was very pleased with how the writers stayed true to the original while also including a contemporary twist. There was also a thing or two added to the story which I thought was really nice.  I loved how they used all the original songs plus some new ones. I was also impressed with Emma Watson’s singing. She sounded beautiful. She might have sang in other roles she’s played but the only other role I’ve seen her play was Hermione in the Harry Potter series.

I feel like Beauty and the Beast is such a wonderful story for everyone because it shows the importance of not judging people based on how they look. Gaston, for example, is portrayed as a very handsome and strong man that women gush over only because of his appearance. Belle is different from all the other women in her town because she is independent, smart, and wants more to life than to just be someone’s wife. She sees Gaston for the rude, conceited, and sexist man that he really is. While other women would be so delighted to have Gaston seeking their hand in marriage, Belle is disgusted with even the thought of being his wife. Can you blame her? The guy is such a jerk! Beauty in the Beast also shows another type of woman who is not in search of a prince to come and save her. She does her own saving! I think Disney does a pretty good job of having some really strong female characters.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with this movie and recommend it to everyone. Especially you Disney lovers out there! It’s a great watch. I can’t wait to see what other live-action movies Disney will make for their animated classics!

Have you seen the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast? If so, what did you think of it? Lets discuss it in the comments!

Love, Lisa

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