Traveling to Las Vegas on a Budget

In April I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time ever with my boyfriend (Lawrence), and I had such a blast! I mean come on, who wouldn’t have a blast in Sin City? There is so much to do there! There are exciting shows, delicious food, rides, shopping centers, entertainment on every corner, booze, gambling, and so much more! It all sounds amazing (and it is) but it can get a little (or more than a little) pricey. Luckily I have some very effective money saving tips that we used on our Las Vegas trip to share with all of you!

  1. Money Saving Apps: By now most of us should already own a smart phone and it’s so handy while traveling because you can use it to help you figure out where you want to go, how to get there, and document everything along the way. Your smart phone can help you save some cash just by downloading some Las Vegas apps that have a lot of offers, coupons, and resources!


My Vegas Slots is a slots game that has exclusive freebies a bonuses for Las Vegas companies like Bellagio, Aria, MGM Grand, Cirque Du Soleil, Royal, Caribbean, Mirage, New York New York, Circus Circus, and more. So all you have to do is download this free app and play slot games and win real life discounts and comps. Pretty awesome, right? There are things like buy one get one free admissions to the Shark Reef, Madame Tussauds, roller coasters, and other fun things. Lawrence won a buy one get one free admission to Madame Tussauds which is great because tickets cost $25 per adult!


Vegas Mate is a guide to discover the best places to eat, drink, play, gamble, and save money. It also gives you directions to all those destinations for both walking and driving. This app was really helpful for us because we mostly walked everywhere and since it is such a large place with so many people, it’s easy to get lost.


Trip Advisor is our most used app for any traveling we do and we sometimes even use it to find new places in our own city. This app has a ton of traveler reviews, maps, photos of everything, and it’s so easy to use. If we’re looking for a hotel, for example, we can narrow our searches by a price range, amenities, and location. You can even book rooms, shows, and reservations right from the app.

2. Take your own food and drinks: Of course you will want to eat out at restaurants because that’s a fun part about traveling, but eating out for three meals a day for two people for four days can add up quick.

Food: We drove to Las Vegas in our own car so we took an ice cooler so it was easy for us to take our own food. We packed sandwich stuff so we could we could eat those basically anytime we wanted to during our trip. On other trips we have taken Lunchables, but sandwiches are a little bit cheaper and more satisfying in my opinion. We also packed snacks like chips, trail mix, protein bars, and breakfast bars. Taking our own food also saved time from having to stop on the way there to eat. It was also healthier than fast food. While in Las Vegas, having our own food was super convenient because we could skip going out to breakfast (and sometimes lunch) and just eat while we got ready for the day in the hotel room.

Drinks: We bought a case of water and put some bottles in the ice chest and left some in the trunk which really saved us because bottled water can cost up to $5 a bottle. Yikes! We also brought Gatorades and sodas just in case we craved something other than water.


Liquor: We brought our own bottles of liquor to keep in our room so we could drink before we went out so we didn’t have to buy as many drinks. We also brought a flask to carry in a backpack for the days we weren’t going back to the room for the entire day.

3. Don’t Rent a refrigerator: Refrigerators can cost up to $30 a day to rent in your hotel room. Yikes! Luckily we took our ice chest with us since we were driving. Hotels almost always have free ice machines so all you have to do is empty out the water into the bath tub and fill up your cooler. It does take some time to do but I don’t mind doing that if that means I can save $30 a day.

5. Transportation: Before we left town, we calculated how far we could go before having to fill up our gas tank again. After figuring how any miles we could go, we looked up the gas prices around towns that were that many miles away so we could get the cheapest gas possible without going too much out of the way. A little tip is that you want to try to go to a gas station that is not right off the freeway because those tend to be a little more expensive.

While in Las Vegas, we mostly walked to get around, but when we absolutely needed to travel by car we used Lyft. If you haven’t heard about Lyft, it’s a transportation company that you contact by a mobile app. It’s much more affordable than a taxi and since we were first time Lyft users, we got promotions that saved us even more money. Every time we needed a ride, we didn’t have to wait at all because Lyft drivers are always parked in front of all the hotels waiting to drive people.

IMG_3484When you walk instead of drive, you can stop and take more awesome photos! Haha!


5. Hotels: Book your hotel way in advance! We actually chose our vacation date based on when the hotel rates were at their lowest. The rates are usually at their lowest on weeks where there are not any conventions or major events happening and on the days Sunday through Wednesday. Don’t worry, Las Vegas is always poppin’! Even during the week!

6. Entertainment/ Shows: If you go to Las Vegas, you need to go to a show! I repeat, YOU NEED TO GO TO A SHOW! I hear about so many people not going to any shows and I can’t believe it because they are so amazing. We went to see Cirque De Soleil Mystere and Blue Man Group. I understand that the tickets can be on the pricey side, but if you buy your tickets in advance when you book your hotel room, it doesn’t seem so bad. There are also stands around the strip that sell discounted tickets for shows for that same night. So plan to have a free night and go check out those stands! You will most likely find some great deals!


I hope some of these tips help you save money on your next trip to Vegas! They sure helped us! It’s always great to save some money on vacation so you can afford to do more of the super fun things that cost a little more. If you have any tips of your own, please share them in the comment section below. I am planning to visit Las Vegas again next year and I can use all the help I can get.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Lots of Love, Lisa 🙂



2 thoughts on “Traveling to Las Vegas on a Budget

  1. I really love this post and appreciate your advice! My husband and I want to go to Vegas at some point but are definitely trying to save money! I like your hotel books tips and ideas on food and drinks. It looks like you guys had a great time!!

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