DIY Fall Wreath

Happy Fall Everyone!

I don’t know about you but I am so excited for this season! The pumpkin spice everything, the cooler weather, all the changing colors and decorating. Last year I didn’t decorate very much and I regretted it all year long. So this year I went shopping for decorations as soon as stores starting putting them all out, but I was so shocked with how expensive some decorations are. Especially the wreaths! You can not properly decorate a house without a wreath. It is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae! So I was determined to make my own for way less than a store bought one. I went to Dollar Tree for my supplies because they seriously have some pretty awesome art supplies for the cheapest prices.

The cool thing about making wreaths is that you can basically make them out of anything and just let your creativity flow! The materials I used were:

A willow wreath: You can use any size you’d like. Dollar Tree has other ones made out of wire and styrofoam.IMG_4789

Burlap Ribbon: I got three rolls that were 3 in. x 9 ft. in three different colors but I ended up only using two of them.


Pine Cones: I got these for free from my uncle’s tree, haha.

Faux Flowers and fall leaves: I got tan sunflowers and leaf garland.

Twine to hang the wreath from.

Hot glue: Yes you can find hot glue at dollar tree sometimes!

Any other decorations you’d like to add!

First I chose one color of the burlap ribbon and I diagnally folded it back and forth until it looked like half of a gift bow. Glue every time you fold the burlap ribbon.

Hot glue them to the willow wreath use a lot of glue so they don’t fall off. You can make a pattern with the colors or make it completely random. Fold any excess ribbon over the wreath and glue again so it won’t look messy.


After the whole wreath is covered up, flip it over and add some more burlap ribbon if you want it to look more full.


Gently wrap the leaf garland around the wreath. I tried to put the garland in between the colors so it would blend in better. Also, some of the garland that I bought had some little cute decorations on it.


Glue on some faux flowers, pine cones, and anything else that you want. I made a bow with some glitter ribbon for some sparkle. Tie some twine on top and hang it up!



I also found this cute little scarecrow flag at Dollar Tree so I attached it on the bottom of the wreath. This is optionial but I think it was a nice touch.


I hope you enjoyed this cheap and easy DIY Fall Wreath! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below 🙂 If you recreate it, please share some photos with me. I’d love to see your wreaths!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it!


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