Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy first day of October! Halloween is just around the corner and I’m starting to feel the pressure to decide what to dress up as this year. I’m sure a lot of you also feel the same way so that is why I have decided to share some Halloween costumes I have made the past few years. I hope you enjoy! Share some of your costume ideas in the comments below!

  1. Dark Unicorn

 Unicorns are magical and mysterious but not always rainbow colored and well behaved!

2. Shark

Have you ever had those years where you want to dress up but still want to be warm and comfortable? Well this shark costume is the costume for you! It’s made out of a hoodie so you will be both toasty and terrifying!

3. Stinky Skunk

When you’re on the smelly side and want to embrace it by dressing up as none other than a soft and smelly skunk! (You don’t actually have to stink to dress up as a skunk lol)

4. Compatible Signs

When you and your significant other want a couples costume, dress up as your astrological sign just like this Pisces and Virgo!

5. King and Queen of Hearts

Another couples costume but this one will make you feel powerful all night as you demand to off everyone’s heads!

Happy Halloween Everyone! 🎃